Watch this man slip and slide down his entire driveway on black ice

January 13, 2018

This dude just earned himself a PhD in skating on black ice. Clearly, it’s winter out there, which means cold temperatures will occasionally bring ice and snow to a neighborhood near you. But black ice is an especially treacherous obstacle to both vehicles and pedestrians, considering its virtually invisible. Tim Besecker of Loudoun County, Virginia found that out the hard when we he walked out to his car on Tuesday,…


Kind family tries to release baby squirrel they nursed back to life, but things take a turn

January 11, 2018

After nursing an injured squirrel back to life, a kind family from Collierville, Tennessee, decided it was time to return their little buddy to the wild.  But Tom the cat had other plans. After placing the baby squirrel on a tree in their yard, the man in the clip affectionately rubs its back. “There you go. Go on up that tree,” the man says. Then, out of nowhere, Tom swoops…


Local news attempts to eat world’s hottest chip and things went off the rails real quick

October 26, 2017

There’s just something glorious about watching local news anchor suffer through embarrassing or painful situations. KGWN in Denver recently decided to make five of its anchors do the Paqui One Chip Challenge. The lone chip is flavored with the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina reaper. Despite it being only a single corn chip, the snack can bring people to tears, make them chug milk, vomit, and completely ruin their day….